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Welcome to Journey Wedding Films – a professional luxury wedding videography company based in Sacramento capturing weddings all across California and Nevada: San Jose, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Napa, and many more beautiful locations.


Did you know, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event? Think about it: you spend thousands of dollars on a gorgeous venue, delicious food, beautiful flowers and decorations, entertainment, music, and so much more. You spend countless hours planning everything and then it’s over in a few hours. What’s even more eye opening is you won’t remember what happened. Maybe you will remember some things a week later, but how about 1 year, 10 years, or 30 years from your wedding? You might be saying, “Well we have a professional photographer that captured everything!” And that’s awesome! What did you say for your vows? What did your grandpa say during the reception when he used all his strength to come up to the open mic and gave you some solid marriage advice? How about the speeches from your friends and family? 


This is why your wedding video is so important! It captures all the special moments from your wedding day and keeps them in a treasure chest which you can open anytime to view and relive your wedding day not just with your significant other but your kids, grand kids, and family. Just imagine that for a second.


Your finished wedding film will be a treasure chest of memories that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime! Please explore our wedding videography portfolio and see what inspires you. We look forward to meeting with you!

Cinematic Wedding Films

Telling your stories from beginning to end.

Anthony + Janely // Cinematic Wedding Film // Black Oak Mountain Vineyards (Cool, CA)
David + Faustine // Cinematic Wedding Film // El Dorado Hills (Intimate Backyard Wedding)
Sean + Lindsay // Cinematic Wedding Film // Pinecrest Chalet (Pinecrest, CA)
Sean + Lindsay // Cinematic Wedding Film // Pinecrest Chalet (Pinecrest, CA)
Justin + Nicole // Cinematic Wedding Film // Silverthorn Meadows (Camino, CA)
David + Faustine // Cinematic Wedding Film // El Dorado Hills (Intimate Backyard Wedding)


I know you are busy on your search to find the best wedding videographer for your wedding, so I will be brief! My name is Andrii Noga and I am the owner of Journey Wedding Films. I filmed my first wedding in 2014, fell in love with it and have been filming weddings full time since 2020. I have filmed over 100 weddings so I promise you, I know what I am doing.



Can I be honest with you for a second?

Your wedding day will go by like this (snap of a finger). Very fast. You will not remember much of what happened. All that will be left are shaky iPhone videos and lots of blurry phone photos. Aren’t you glad there are professional photographers and videographers to capture everything for you and create something meaningful for you to look back on? If that hasn’t got your attention, this will…


Fun fact: on average about 275,000 weddings happen in California per year.

Out of all these thousands of weddings, I only film about 35 weddings per year. That’s about 0.01%. So believe me when I say we have limited availability. Each and every couple I meet is unique, which is why your wedding film will be unique to you. Let’s get in contact and talk about your wedding day!


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Robert + Kirstynn

“We recently received our films back and WOW! My husband and I are so thankful for those memories and now videos to watch back. They did an OUTSTANDING job! Thank you guys a million! From the very beginning, they were professional, kind, and quick to respond. I truly appreciated how easy and open communication was, including phone calls, texts and emails. We could not have possibly asked for more on the day of the wedding. They were there to capture every detail AND fit in so naturally with our bridal party, family and friends. Communication remained open and honest even after the big day.”

Lea + Mason

“If I could summarize JWF in one word it’s: perfection! Seriously, they are the vendors of your dreams! They are worth every penny and more! When I booked them, I had high expectations from looking at their work and somehow they still exceeded them! From the beginning, Andrii (the main videographer) was absolutely wonderful! He’s kind, caring, and very professional! He shows a great amount of attention and genuine care to you as if you were family. On the wedding day, they (Andrii and his brother Ruvim) were again so professional, caring, and attentive) and they will be your hype men! They were somehow able to be directive and yet allow us to enjoy our wedding day as if they weren’t even there! With all the wedding chaos and limited time, my husband and I were nervous it would show in film or they wouldn’t have much usable content (as we were again in chaos haha) but when we received the video we were AMAZED (and in tears) that they were able to capture it all and highlight the best moments so beautifully! The turnaround time was also impressively quick! They are extremely talented. It was the best decision we made with the wedding and will forever be grateful that to have this perfect wedding video for the rest of our lives. Seriously, do not hesitate, you won’t be sorry! No amount of thanks feels enough. You guys truly gave us the best gift, THANK YOU! :)”

Allan + Julia

“Where do I even begin? From the beginning of the day, journeys team was so friendly and professional and extremely organized. They went above and beyond to make sure they didn’t miss any shots and made sure to let us know exactly how to pose so we weren’t awkwardly standing there. My main concern was the unfortunate rainy weather and how that would make our video seem. But after getting our video back I was SHOCKED at how beautiful the video was! Everything was perfect. From the music, to the details, to the voice overs, I’m simply running out of words on how happy I am with choosing journey for our wedding video. We originally didn’t plan on having a videographer because we didn’t think it would be worth it. But getting our videos back, again, absolutely grateful and so excited on how they turned out. Would 100% recommend journey, not only for their incredibly skills behind the camera, but also the friendships you naturally form with this team! Super kind and super friendly, made this day a lot less stressful.”

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In order to maintain a high quality of work, We only film a limited amount of weddings per year!